An Update Regarding the Coronavirus / COVID 19

An Update Regarding the Coronavirus / COVID 19


An Update Regarding the Coronavirus / COVID 19

On Monday, March 16, 2020, the Whitehouse issued a “15 Days to Slow the Spread” statement. In the guidelines shared by the Whitehouse, groups of more than ten are discouraged. Due to this directive and additional information gathered over the past two days, the transitional pastor, deacons and the transitional leadership team are offering the following Update regarding the Coronavirus / COVID 19 and Canadian Valley Baptist Church.

Church Schedule:

  • Wednesday, March 18:  All on campus activities are cancelled due to Spring Break Schedule.
  • Sunday, March 22:
  • The (10:45 am) Sunday Morning Worship Service will move to Facebook Live.
  • The (4:00 pm) Transitional Focus Team Meeting will move to an online Zoom Conference platform.
  • An update on activities to be conducted online the week of Monday, March 23-Sunday, March 29 is forthcoming.


Care for Our Members and Guests:

  • Stay Connected Online – Continue to stay connected online through Facebook Live at Canadian Valley Baptist Church and CVBC Church Family and by way of our church website at
  • Continue to be Faithful in Giving – You can give your tithes and offerings online through, by texting “Canadian Valley Offering $(any amount) to 73256.
  • Stay connected to your small group, the deacons and your transitional pastor through emails, calls and texts.
  • Caring for Members in Need – Call or email the church with needs and necessities. The church’s contact information is: (405) 324-5742;

Don’t Miss this Opportunity to Think of Others First:

Use this time of care as an opportunity to think of others first. Use reminders of the need for care as prompters to:

  • PRAY for others,
  • SHARE the Gospel with others (there are many ways to accomplish this task by phone, e-mail and other forms of social distance communication, and
  • LIVE a life of faith over fear.

For Specific Detail on Safety Precautions and Everyday Preventive Care:

Go to the websites of Oklahoma State Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) for specific detail on safety precautions and everyday preventive care.